Black Onyx on Silver Frame without Teeth


Got a formal event coming up and no idea what to do with your hair? Just pop this headband on and go.

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Choosing the right hairstyle for a formal event

Let’s be honest: it’s not super hard to tell the difference between hairstyles that are for everyday living and hairstyles for formal events. But some of us don’t want to completely change our look just to go to an event. No matter how fancy it is.

You also may not want to spend a ton of time on YouTube or Pinterest picking through hairstyle tutorials trying to find one that you can manage without a paid team of stylists by your side. Lucky for you, this headband can elevate your look with a minimum of technical hairstyling know-how.


Comfort and sophistication

The show-stopping shine of genuine black onyx beads adds effortless chic to your style. And its pale, gleaming Alice band of silvered metal holds your hair in place with firm, gentle pressure. No more pulling your hair back with bobby pins that poke your scalp and damage your strands. Just slide your gorgeous jeweled headband on and add instant sophistication to whatever hairstyle you decide to go with for your formal event. Struggling to dress up short hair? Just pop this headband on and go.


Saves time and money

This piece is designed for easy, sophisticated styling, but it is also built to last. You can expect this headband to become your go-to accessory for years to come. We’re not “fast fashion” people and stay away from plastic headband frames that break easily and end up in our landfills. Our headbands will become wardrobe staples helping you dress up your hairstyle long after your formal event is over.


Speaking of saving money…

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Weight2 oz
Dimensions6 × 5.25 × .25 in
Frame Style

Silver with Teeth, Black with Teeth, Silver without Teeth, Black without Teeth, Gold without Teeth


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